Losing a war and being better off for it?

Napoleon Hill writes in "Napoleon Hill's A Year of Growing Rich":

"Failures sometimes becomes a blessing when it turns one back from contemplated purposes which would have meant embarrassment or even destruction had they been carried out. It often opens new doors to opportunity and provides one firsthand knowledge of the realities of life. It exposes shortcoming sand cures vain people of their conceit.

The British suffered grave defeat and failure when Lord Cornwallis surrendered to the Americans, giving the colonies their freedom. But without such a freedom, America wouldn't have had the strength to help save the British Empire from destruction during World Wars I and II."

Thinking about what Napoleon wrote, I realized the applies to Japan. Japan lost World War 2. With the forced peace, it applied its people's energy and discipline into producing the world's second largest economy and an ultra modern society.

Furthermore, the Jewish people suffered 6 million deaths at the hand of Hitler. The benefit from that absolute horror is that it helped propel the Jewish people to getting their own country of Isreal back again for the first time in 2000 years.

Then there is the intense persecution the Christians faced the first few hundreds years of their existence - they were constantly hounded by the Romans. Now we know Christianity has lasted over well 2000 years and is still a very strong world religion.


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