Louis Eytinge serving a life sentence

Napoleon Hill writes in the book “Napoleon Hill's A Year Of Growing Rich”:

“Louis Victor Eytinge was service a life sentence in an Arizona State Prison. He had no friends, no lawyer and no money. But he did have enthusiasm which he used so effectively that it bought him his freedom.

Eytinge wrote to the Remington Typewriter Company (before the days of the personal computers) relating his plight and asking the company to sell him a typewriter on credit. The company did better than that. It gave him a typewriter.

He began writing business firms asking for their sales literature – which he rewrote and returned to them. His copywriting was so effective that he soon had enough money, from voluntary donations, to hire a lawyer. His work was so good, in fact, that it caught the attention of a big New York advertising agency which, with the help of his lawyer, got him pardoned. As he walked out of prison, he was met by the agency head who greeted him with these words: “Well, Eytinge, your enthusiasm has proved more powerful than the iron bars of this prison.”

The agency had a job waiting for him.”


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