Space Tourist Greg Olsen

From http://msnbc.msn.com/id/9742587/site/newsweek/ :

"On Oct. 1, after eight months and 900 hours of training in Russia, Olsen, 60, blasted into space in a bell-shaped Soyuz capsule destined for the International Space Station. During his 10-day adventure, Olsen logged three million miles, orbiting the Earth 100 times, 250 miles above the ground.

How do you beat this experience?
You don't. You just continue living your life. That's a lesson in life. 2004 started out gloriously for me, with all the hoopla. Then it took that nosedive when I got the medical disqualification from Russia [for an undisclosed medical condition—which later went away]. The last half of last year was pretty bleak for me. But I toughed it out."


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