Stuart Austin - from journalist to patent attorney

Napoleon Hill writes in "Napoleon Hill's A Year of Growing Rich":

"Years ago, I worked with a fellow named Stuart Austin Wier of Dallas. He was a contributor to a magazine I edited and was just getting by financially. He would probably have remained a starving writer if a story he was writing about an inventor hadn't suddenly inspired him to change his life.

Much to the surprise of those who knew him, he announced he was giving up journalism and going back to school to become a patent attorney. He wasn't going to be just any patent attorney, he was going to become "the top patent attorney in the United States." He put his plan into action with such fervor that he completed law school in record time.

When he began his practice, he deliberately sought out the toughest cases. Soon his reputation spread throughout the country and his services were in such high demand that even though his fees reached astronomical levels, he was turning away more clients than he accepted."


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