Tom Cruise Overcoming Dyslexic

Meg Grant writes in the June 2005 edition of Readers Digest in an interview between Readers Digest and Tom Cruise:

"RD: Growing up, you must have wished for some help yourself. Your parents divorced, your mother juggled jobs, and your family didn't have much money.

Cruise: We helped each other. Either you can look at something in a negative way or you can look in a positive way, and then reach to improve. I always thought, How am I going to make this better?

RD: You were diagnosed dyslexic as a child, right?

Cruise: Yes, but I didn't buy it. [When I got older] I tried speed-reading. I hired tutors. And I was just hitting a wall. It never made sense to me. I was very, very frustrated. I had a reading problem, no question. I was, from their definition, dyslexic, and in their definition, I probably had ADD. I would ask, "Why am I having this problem? How do I resolve this?" They can't tell you why. There's no resolution.

RD: When did things begin to change?

Cruise: In my 20s, I went through the basic Scientology tools and realized instantly that I'd found the answer. I was able to read.

RD: That was an important lesson for you. What do you most want your children to learn about life?

Cruise: I've told them anything is possible. But unless they know it for themselves and you give them the tools, it doesn't mean anything."


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