Johnny Rutherford on winning race after race

Johnny Rutherford, a three-time Indy 500 Champion and twenty-seven CART winner wrote in the book "What Makes Winners Win":

“Another aspect of this whole thing is that when you do win, you have to watch out, because for some winners, the pomp and pageantry, Victory Lane, press conferences, newspaper interviews, television interviews, the glitz and the glitter is so blinding that they lose track of what got them there.

That's why so often you see a winner of a race, particularly at Indianapolis, come up the next year and not be able to buy one, because he gets so enamored with the press clippings that he forgets all of the hard work that it takes to stay there.

That was the one thing I was always aware of ... why I had such a long string of success. My first thought after I started winning race was, “Well, we did what we came here to do today. Let's get ready for next week.” And you start preparing immediately for the next week, mentally. What has happened has happened. Let's go for the future.”


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