LeTourneau: from defeat to victory

Napoleon Hill wrote in the book "Napoelon Hill's A Year of Growing Rich":

"Without humility, you will never be able to find what I call the "seed of equivalent benefit" in adversity and defeat. Every setback carries something with it to help you overcome it -- and even rise above it. For example, R. G. LeTourneau started in business as a garage operator, failed at that, and went into the contracting business. He was a subcontractor on the Hoover Dam project when he ran into an unexpected strata of hard stone. The difficulties and delays in removing the stubborn rock cost him everything he had.

LeTourneau didn't blame others or complain about fate treating him poorly, nor did he blame the forces of nature for his losses. He took responsibility himself. After each setback, he found comfort in prayer. It was while praying for guidance that he found the "seed of an equivalent benefit" from his last defeat. He decided to go into the business of manufacturing machines that could move any kind of rock or earth.

As a result, LeTourneau earth-moving machinery is now in use throughout the world. LeTourneau has several manufacturing plants and he amassed a personal fortune that ran into the millions."


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