Warren Greshes on Falling while Ice Skating

Warren Greshes writes in the book edited by Robert Sommers, "The Winning Spirit":

"When you ask someone just returning from ice-skating, "How was it?" he or she usually says something like, "I only fell once!" Big deal: If you hold on to the railing, you won't fall, but you're not really skating, either. Even professional skaters fall. If you want to be successful, you have to let go of the railing.

Dan Jansen, the Olympic gold medal speed-skater fell twice (1988 and 1992) in his quest for the gold medal. He obviously didn't fall because he was a lousy skater. Falling is a risk inherent to skating and in order to win the gold medal, he had to take risks, he had to skate to win. He couldn't skate just not to fall."


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